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Fibre Broadband Order!!

Can somebody please please help!!

we have been a BT customer for a number of years now and despite a few issues regarding installation at our old property the broadband/fibre service has always been relatively fine.. up until a few weeks ago!! We were nearing the end of our contract, so I called and decided to try to get a better deal for the next one, we got all that sorted but instead of carrying on with our current contract as a renewal, the woman had set up a new one as if it was a new customer taking over the line.. our services then got cut a few days later and emails were received saying that the new hub would be a few days and new activation date would be the 23rd December etc.. so we were looking at around 3 weeks with no internet whatsoever whilst we waited for this although it didn’t need to be done! We had everything all set up already and as the lady said, nothing would change and we would just carry on using our services as before. Anyway, we run our business from home and my wife is working from home as a payroll supervisor so it was imperative we had internet services so I called, and called and called (roughly 8 hours worth of calls) being passed from one department to the other with nobody being able to make out what the issue was until finally a lady managed to switch our services back on and apparently cancel the new order as that was the issue. So that was fine, it worked for around 5 days until it again stopped working for no apparent reason. After several more phone calls it was found that the order wasn’t cancelled after all and that we would have to wait the 10 or so days for new service.. so we just had to accept that and deal with it.. but come activation day after all that waiting, which was the 23rd, (yesterday) in the hope that we could finally watch things like Netflix and the kids could use their devices etc over the Xmas period, it wasn’t switched on!!! I called this morning straight away and was told that it was a simple issue with open reach  and that the guy sent them an email to get it resolved and it would be within a few hours.. it’s now 7:30pm on Xmas eve, all offices are closed and live chat isn’t online, I am absolutely gutted and feel so let down and also sad for my children who won’t be able to watch their favourite films or use devices etc.. I really am at my wits end.. does anybody know what we could possibly do? Thanks, merry Xmas 

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Re: Fibre Broadband Order!!

@Stueywheels wrote:

Anyway, we run our business from home and my wife is working from home as a payroll supervisor so it was imperative we had internet services 


Welcome to this user forum.

Everyone here, apart from the moderators, are just BT customers like yourself.

Are you a BT business customer, as they get priority?

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Re: Fibre Broadband Order!!

I can't see you getting openreach to get you connected before Monday and realistically middle of the week

surprised that you were advised to stop existing contract and statrt a new contract instead of a simple renewal

is this a business connection just you say you run your business from home but T&C say not permitted to run business on residential line

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Re: Fibre Broadband Order!!

Unfortunately not, no

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Re: Fibre Broadband Order!!

Your best way forward is to login to MyBT and report it as a fault, this will ensure that it enters the Openreach work queue, and should normally be fixed in three working days,  which as @imjolly  has said, it likely to be the middle of next week at the earliest.

Meanwhile, you may wish to take a look at the BT Residential T&Cs, Especially section 6, and consider a move to a BT Business account, especially if your current arrangements are going to be permanent.

BT Business offer many SLAs (Service Lever Agreements), and an assured connection.

Repair timescales.


You can also claim compensation for loss of business, if a fault is not fixed within the agreed timescale.

I appreciate that none of this is going to help at the moment, so it may be worth obtaining a 4G mobile wireless hub to cover any outages, provided you have 4G mobile coverage.

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