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Fibre broadband & £80 gift card


I have just placed an order for ADSL broadband as my address is current a silver address so Fibre cannot he offered until this is upgraded. I have been told that 7 days after the broadband is installed they will be able to upgrade my deal to fibre is this correct? 

Also because my address was not showing in the BT website I was not able to apply online and request the fibre deal for £29.99 with the £80 gift card. As this is something that is out of my control, can the gift card be honoured as this is the deal that I am looking to buy. 

Your help will be appreciated, it feels almost like I am being penalised for the fact that my address is not on the the correct stairs. I may be inclined to cancel this if the fibre deal with the gift card can not be honoured. 


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