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Five calls totalling 3 hours and 12 BT people, two emails, one complaint raised.


Five calls totalling 3 hours and 12 BT people spoken to, two emails, one complaint raised and still no one has sorted my package. Four different people advised they would contact me.

How do I get someone to sort my ex-employee broadband package?

After 43 years 11 months working for BT I am shocked at the customer service I have received when actually trying to keep my broadband with the company.

I was told when retiring that I would get a call advising when my free broadband was ending and arrange what package I would like to move to.

Instead I got a letter saying I was moved to a standard package at £44.50, plus a £19.99 weekend call package, BT TV and sport.

This arrived on the 7th of November a week after the package was started on the 30th Oct.

I immediately rang and advised I did not want that deal but was told they could no nothing with my account as my account still showed as an employee and I needed to contact the employee options team who are email only.

I emailed and got no response. A few days later I signed with Plusnet £23.99.

Then  after 7days options team answered saying as I was an ex empolyee now I needed to contact the standard team.

I rang the standard team to advise I was moving to Plusnet and to ensure my BT TV and Sport were not left on my account.

The standard team tried to pass be back again to employee options but with persistence they put me through to billing, billing put a note on my account saying not to hold to contract as not informed and was leaving. They then put me through to a loyalty team.

They offered me an ex employee package and convinced me to stay with BT and cancel Plusnet.

My new package was to be ordered that day 15th November and I would get an email confirming.

No emails arrived, I rang again spoke to someone else in the loyalty team, he said he would get the manager to raise it today and email me.

No emails, my account now showing a bill for £112 deducted by direct debit for a package I never agreed to.

More phone calls, got billing who said I signed up for that package online, I made it clear I hadn't, they raised a complaint. Told I would be contacted between 3  and 5 pm on the 2nd Dec.

No call arrived so rang on the 3rd and told someone would call with in 48 hours and would listen to the call on the 15th when the new package was agreed. No call until the 7th (4 days later) caller had no details of the issue, had not listened to the call and didn't know if I was employed by BT or not. As I was heading to catch a flight I asked them to call back on my mobile on the 13th and to listen to the call as promised.

11th Dec an email advising my complaint has been closed.?

Back to square one, they even have my name wrong, Mr Bh. where do I go from here?

We've closed your complaint

Hello Mr Bh,

Thanks for getting in touch with us recently. We're pleased we could help.

We've now closed your complaint, reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you need to talk more about your complaint, or you're not happy with how we dealt with it, please call us on 0800 800 150 (it's a free number).

For more information about the process we followed, you can read our code of practice at

Customer care team

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Re: Five calls totalling 3 hours and 12 BT people, two emails, one complaint raised.

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Five calls totalling 3 hours and 12 BT people, two emails, one complaint raised.

Hi @lpor,

I am so sorry to hear about what's happened to you. This should never have happened to you. The service you received isn't good enough. I'd like to offer you our help to get everything sorted. You'll have one point of contact within our team and you will be able to reach us through the Community if you need anything after speaking with us.

To get in touch with us, click on my user name, view profile, and then copy and paste the link under "Moderation Team Email Address" into your browser.  Complete that form and we'll get back in touch with you. It may take us 1-2 working days before we can get back to you.



Community ModeratorDannyS
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Re: Five calls totalling 3 hours and 12 BT people, two emails, one complaint raised.

DanielS thanks for your help.
Robbie was in touch and very helpful he has sorted my package out now. One final thing was that a new Smart hub was ordered by Robbie who said it would be delivered in 2-3 days but I have heard nothing after a week, could you get Robbie to check for me please?
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