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Free gift

So, a common problem it seems. I re-subscribed for my fibre broadband at the end of January and was told I qualified for a free JBL wireless speaker. It would arrive after the 2 week cooling-off period. Needless to say, nothing received but, having chased, I was told that it would be with me within a month. 
Roll forward one month and an email is received from BT saying that demand had outstripped supply and they were short of the speaker but, never worry, I’d get it within the next month. That was 24th March and, yet again, no sign of the speaker and no communication from BT. I chased by email on 17th April and have had no reply. When I try calling, I’m passed from pillar to post and given endless supply of useless numbers. 
Is this a con? There seems to be no evidence of customer friendly support here, let alone the speaker? Was I hoodwinked into re-signing with BT?

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