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HELP! Paid yearly Phone line Rental but billed monthly as well

Can someone please direct me to some proper help I am 81 and this problem has been contining for some months now and I am at the end of my tether with it.


I paid the full line rental on 23rd April 2016 of the full amount £205.08 but every month since then I have been charged line rental again. I have spoken to the live chat people, I have spoken to the outsourced centres in India, I have sent letters MD of Customer Services but the problem still continues and every single month I have to state my case over and over again. I get the usual promises that it will be sorted in 2 days, 5 days but the incorrect amount doesn't change. Eventually after contacting someone again, I get credited the overcharged line rental. The next month comes and I have to follow the same process again, it is insanely frustrating and making me feel very depressed. I have promises that this won't happen again and it does.


Please, please can someone help me. I have a heart condition and I am not meant to get stressed or worried but month in month out, I am being harrassed beyond belief.


Thank you.

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Re: HELP! Paid yearly Phone line Rental but billed monthly as well

Hi I have a similar issue I called to disconnected all services over 5 years ago as I moved out of the property now over 5 years later and now BT have sent bills to my old address customers service is awful I called the centre again today and they said they were transferring the call they disconnected the call and I am back to square one it's shocking I have logged a complaint but don't hold out much joy may go to off com or consumer rights can someone on the forums help me to get this resolved
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Re: HELP! Paid yearly Phone line Rental but billed monthly as well

Hi @alan742,


I'm sorry to hear this hasn't been fixed for you yet. It's something that we should be able to help you with. You can reach us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. It's taking approximately 5 working days for us to reply but we will make sure it's fixed.


@dusty24 I'm happy to hear you have a complaint opened. You should get the help you need. I've made our contact link available to you should you need us.





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