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Have just added broadband to existing account....

Hi All


Apologies if some of this has already been answered.


Having decided to migrate to BT Broadband, I duly did everything online and all seems well except:


1) I appear to have ended up with 2 BT IDs, the original one and a new open as a result of adding broadband.  Not a problem but confusing.

2) I thought all new broadband customers would be on the new BT Mail rather than BT Yahoo.  We are on BT Yahoo.  Again confusing but not a problem.

3) And I thought that all new broadband customers were opted in automatically for wifi sharing - I was not but how now opted in.  Again confusing but problem solved I think.

4) Finally - and this is an issue that I would welcome comment upon - in the rush to add broadband it appears that I have not added broadband but replaced my previous calling plan with a current calling plan.  I didn't want to do that - it is significant as the current calling plan is more expensive at £7 to the previous calling plan I was on which was £5.15. Has anybody managed to keep the original calling plan?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Have just added broadband to existing account....

I will ask a moderator to assist, as it may be easier to sort out that way.


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Re: Have just added broadband to existing account....

Hi Bkling


Welcome to the Forum.


I can help with this, send me an email using the Contact the Mods link in my profile. 






Community ModeratorStuartH
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