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Having a mobile sim only/Pay as you go now seems cheaper than using BT for landline calls.

Been looking at the cost of BT packages for using the landline to make calls just out of interest and I can see why using the landline to make calls has been slowly decreasing over the last few years.

As most mobile networks now offer unlimited minutes, in some cases cheaper a month than what the likes of  BT charge.

BT also now charge a monthly fee for pay as you go for landline. Where as I getting pay as you go landline calls with no monthly free currently. Not that I now use my landline much to make calls as I have only made about 4 calls using landline in the last 6 months and have in the last short while now unplugged the phone from the BT landline.

If I change from FTTC to FTTP next year I thinking about asking to get it without the landline calls.

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