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Help With Moving Everything From Sky To BT

Hi there,

Sky is our current provider for everything in our home, such as broadband and TV and we're really unhappy with the service we're receiving and how much we're paying. We've been looking at getting BT broadband as well as BT TV and were wondering if someone could answer a few questions for us before we buy anything!

- How much is a second BT TV box for a second television in my home? Do you have to pay upfront? Or is it an additionally monthly cost?

- Do you have to cancel your old broadband/entertainment plans manually, or will BT contact my old provider and do it for me?

- During COVID-19 you can currently pause your subscription to the Sky Sports TV packages for example because there are no sports going on. Can you do the same with BT Sports packages? Or do you currently have to continue paying as usual?

- How long does it take to get new broadband and TV boxes delivered and set up in the current climate? A few people in our house are working from home and we don't want to be without internet for a while if we switch!

Thank you so much in advance.



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