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Home Move a shambles

Hi all,


Our home move was/is currently a shambles. Arranged to move 500 yds down the road and wanted to take the phone/infinity package with us.


Charged £130 for the move, which i didnt have a problem with as added it onto the next bill and just wanted everything ready for the moving date, which was supposed to be the 14th. The 14th was when all phone/broadband services should have been activiated, and its now the 29th and still have no broadband!!


So far I have had to take 3 different days, not including the 14th off work to be at home for the engineer, so all in all lost nearly a weeks wages, and still have no broadband!! I have spent numerous hours on the phone with BT, but constantly going around in circles asking the same questions. 


So today was the forth engineer visit, and assumed it would all go well as surely there cant be any more problems. Well I was wrong, yet again the engineer has been and gone and still have no broadband. He tells me that my phone line is coming from CAB 1 but my fibre is coming from CAB 2, so now I have to wait for them to caese a line from CAB 1  and order a new one into CAB 2, which again wont be until the 2nd of April at the earliest.  Surely in one of the previous engineer visits this would have been noticed and acted upon? Why am I still having to wait and take days off work for their negligence?


Anyway long story short does anyone know how to go about claiming costs back from BT? So far have my loss of earning, the extra data on my mobile and connection charge im out of pocket more than £400?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Home Move a shambles

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