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Home move has been catastrophic

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On 27th September I called to arrange my home move on 29th October - all services to be moved to my new address - phone, mobile, superfast broadband fibre + stay connected with extra bells and whistles.

Engineer 1. Oh, I can't find a line... (My little gizmo) says it has has been terminated about 330m from here - I'll go look. Sorry, I can't find it. Goodbye.

Engineer 2. I found the terminated line! Unfortunately, it's up a pole - I will need a cherry picker. Goodbye.

Engineer 3. Hi - I have just realised that the line is near power cables so we need two cherry pickers. The other is at Southampton. Goodbye

Engineer 4 - no idea what happend with this one - he came, he went, at some point afterwards my phone was working. Fab.

2 days later I receive a phone call from BT promising to push my line activation along. "My phone is working, and has been working for 2 days" I said.    Is it?     "Yes. but where is my broadband?"      Broadband? Erm... I'll get back to you... Goodbye

Meanwhile I check my order. There is no order for broadband. It has been cancelled.

No one calls (shocker...)  I call them. "Where's my broadband?", I asks the nice lady in Aberdeen. Let me check, she says... Erm.. it hasn't been ordered. "Why not?" I don't know... let me check... (nice music for five minutes...) Okay - I've checked - the best they can do is two weeks - I am not having that - I will sort something out and get back to you. Goodbye

No one gets back to me... (Shocker) I call them a couple of days later... Umm... there's no order, but I'll put one in for you. "Thanks"

I check website next day... 20th November???? Eh???

I call them up - We can make it later if you like... Smiley Mad "I am seriously unhappy about this..." Have £20 off your next bill. Goodbye.

Here comes the bill - normally 92 quid with everything in - line, broadband, mobile... it's 250 quid! Smiley Surprised

I call them - "Why is my bill 250 quid?" There is £130 for putting in a new line (I was actually told at the start of the process this would all be free but since I didn't believe that at the time anyway I'm not quibbling...) There's your normal 58 quid for mobile and broadband deal, there's 12 quid for line rental, and we've given you £20 off... 

"Uh huh - and the £70 for a discount I no longer get?" There's been an error. "No there hasn't - The guy who sold me this deal in June of this year told me the discount would be for 18 months" I'm sorry but your new contract.. "Wait a minute - new contract?? I did not consent to a new contract. I did not cancel my old contract. Why are you charging me £70 for a something I have no clue what for?"

I'll ask my supervisor to call you. Goodbye.

So here we are - waiting for a call in the next 48 hours to listen to someone try to explain why this absolute catastrophe of nuclear didaster proportions - has occurred. BT have got absolutely NOTHING right here at all - not ONE solitary thing. Given that I did not consent to having my contract cancelled/changed/altered, can I dump them and go elsewhere? This service has been utterly appalling. My wife runs an internet business which has now been offline for two weeks and is destined to be down for another week. She is having to crab data from our son to run it from her phone. It is difficult to type here without inserting several profanities but, suffice to say, I am deeply unhappy... 


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Re: Home move has been catastrophic

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Hi @JackSnakes,

I'm sorry thing have gone so badly wrong with your home move order. I'd like to try and help put things right.

Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?



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Re: Home move has been catastrophic

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Hi @JackSnakes,

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me again today.

I'm sorry you had such a tough time with your home move order.  Everything we chatted about and agreed has now been actioned.  I'm pleased to have been able to help sort this out for you.

I'll go ahead and close things off today as agreed.



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