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Home move no internet after 10 days

I moved house 10 days ago and have been promised my services, broadband and phone line would be working 4 times. Yesterday was the most recent time and yet still I have no service. I am at the end of my tether and don’t know where to go from here. I would just cancel and get Sky but worry that this will just take even longer given Sky’s lead in time is 2 weeks. This is driving the whole family crazy and I am tired of facing questions from the kids why the internet is not working. I am spending so much time on the phone to BT and keep getting let down. Anyone know what I can do?
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Re: Home move no internet after 10 days

Is this a new build house, and is the phone line working yet?

Its Openreach that provide the network, so changing provider would only delay the process, as all existing orders would have to be cancelled, before anothe provider could place an order.

Its not unusual for new provisions to take 10-14 days. If its a new build, it can take months.


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Re: Home move no internet after 10 days

Hi @Neilo1,

I am sorry to hear that there has been a delay getting your services up and running. We can look into everything for you and do our best to help. click on my user name and then copy and paste the link under "Moderation Team Email Address" into your browser.  Complete that form and we'll get back in touch with you.



Community ModeratorDannyS
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