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Home move towards disaster

Hi all,


Just got our new built house ready and moved in on 21st November 2018. 

Have been trying to be organised and scheduled home moves well in advance  to the new property but I always ended up delaying it as we had some issues around our buyers. No problem here.

Always phoned up in time to change the move date, but once I forgot and all the services moved to the new property.  No problem here, it wasnt supposed to but apparently you need to give at least 24 hours notice to change dates for a house move. Wish BT would actually mention this somewhere.

I was advised by BT to open up another account to transfer it back to my old address so i can actually use the service. This has happened again without problem, even though now I have 3 accounts with BT. 

Finally managed to close 2 after complaining and phoning every week. All services are back at old property which I have sold and moved out of. DD still kicking in of course.

Long story short, now BT is unable to move my services to the new home, saying there is a service here already and they cant do anything about it.  

Every week I phone up, and it goes like this:

1st adviser: I need to transfer you to FTTP team, cant help. Sometimes they just push me through.

2nd adviser: Let me check everything and we can get your move sorted They run into problems and say the following: We need to send it to the back office or sometimes they say it is going into a queue , they will sort it as it is special situations. They wont by the way.

3rd adviser via SMS texts they are looking into this, phones sometimes. I give details of ONT modem, etc . They say everything is sorted.

I get text saying you can order the service, I try online it wont work and tells me to call BT. Once I do we go back to 1st adviser. 

Today I tried cancelling and was quoted £500+ to cancel and I refused it as it is not my fault BT cant move my service and provide it at my new UK address.  Unfortunatley BT advisers oppinion could not be changed on cancellation fee.

2nd Complaint is live as well. Nothing new will come out of it. 

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Re: Home move towards disaster

Unfortunately the mods here can't help with FTTP issues.

You must go through the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787.

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Re: Home move towards disaster

I can give it a go, doubt it will help. Usually they are unable to help.

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