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Horrendous customer service!

Dear BT.

I’ve never complained about anything before, but as a loyal customer for 3 years, I feel something needs to be said about how disgracefully I’ve been treated over the last few months.

Up until a few months ago, I was paying £23.98 a month for my broadband and landline package. In April 18, I noticed that my bill had risen sharply to £42.99 per month so I immediately contacted BT, realising that my 1 year, fixed term had expired with the intention of negotiating a new one.

I called BT on 6th April 2018 and spoke to Dan. Dan at the time seemed extremely helpful and I agreed with him that I would take out a new, 1 year, fixed contract of exactly £23.00 per month. We also agreed that BT would refund the difference between that and the £42.99 that has already been charged. This was because I had called back within the revocation period of the new £42.99 a month contract. He told me this would be refunded to my bank account as soon as possible.

To my horror, one month later, I was was shocked to find that I’d been charged £42.99 AGAIN. I immediately contacted BT and on this occasion, on 3.5.2018 @ 15:20 hours, spoke to Elliott. After explaining the situation to Elliot, I was disgraced to find that there was NO RECORD of my earlier conversation regarding the £23.00 agreement or refund. Elliot stated that all he could do was to report a complaint and that someone from the complaints department would call me in 3 working days. I asked him to go ahead with this complaint, and further, wanted to start negotiating a new fixed term contract with him. Elliot then told me he was unable to deal with my call and that he would transfer me to the relevant department. What he actually did was cut me off!!

***The outcome I wanted from my complaint was to have the £23.00 reinstated and the refund of £17.00 that I’d been promised.***

I rang straight back and this time spoke to Adam. Adam was very short and brash. Adam WAS however, able to find a record of the conversation I had with Dan, literally that I’d called up on that date, but there was apparently no notes inputted by Dan as to what we’d actually agreed! Despite being promised £23.00 per month by Dan, Adam refused to meet this stating that the best he could do was £25.99 which I know is only an extra £2.99 per month but over a year that’s £35.88 and quite a substantial amount for me. I agreed to this amount, as I couldn’t face any more negotiation etc.

I then asked Adam to consider the initial refund I’d been promised by Dan I.e. the £19.99 along with a further refund for the £17.00 (I.e. the difference I’d paid between the £25.99 and £42.99 on the second occasion). Dan spoke to his manager and stated he could only refund the £17.00 as they had not been privy to my conversation with Dan. Adam told me I’d receive the refund into my bank account within a few working days, and receive a written bill confirming this through the post.

Come 9.5.2018, as I write this, I’ve had no refund and no telephone call regarding my complaint. THIS IS SHOCKING.

I’ve literally just finished on the BT Chat function. After 40 minutes of chatting, it has come to light that both the refund and the complaint have both been cancelled and NOT processed! I honestly cannot believe what is happening. This is how BT treats a loyal customer of 4 years! The customer services rep, Pratik has promised me that he has now resolved this issue regarding the £17.00 refund and that I’ll get the amount knocked off next month’s bill. I very much doubt this, but we’ll see.

I’ve given up on the complaint regarding the initial £23.00 / refund of £19.99 that was promised to me. I can’t face dealing with BT’s customer services department again.

Yours faithfully

A very disgruntled customer, Ross H


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Re: Horrendous customer service!

Hi @RossH123,

Thank you for posting. Having read your post I can understand your frustration and I'm sorry your complaint hasn't been resolved. I'll be able to help put things right. 

Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?



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