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Horrendous long / broken install and a huge bill for engineer visits not needed

It is hard to keep brief so I will bulletpoint our issues so far. I am going to complain and had a complaint raised during the install. But yet another issue has occured - a £200 bill for engineer visits we were told we wouldn't be charged for.

In the words of the Open Reach guys "I'm not entirely sure why I am here" as they stare at our Mastersocket and scratch their heads (brilliant guys, not their fault)

1) Ordered new BT services online June 6th and paid £59.99 for the line to be connected

2) Working broadband and TV and a dial tone at least on the phone - June 28th. Mastersocket installed and tested.

3) Told Virgin wouldn't port our number, so our original order cancelled and all services stopped - July 8th. "like-for-like" order placed by BT (does not include Mastercard promotion so it is not like-for-like at all, issue 1 to chase)

4) Installation date given of July 18th via text and email. No one arrived

5) 20th July - engineer arrived to empty house. Charged £59.99 for the pleasure

6) Many phonecalls, promised callbacks etc. None got anywhere. Case worker trying since early days to help.

7) 25th July - engineer arrived. Saw mastersocket and wondered why he was here. Checked at the exchange for 30minutes and got us connected. "Hanging pair" seen in the box which was intended for us. Charged £130 for a new line to be fitted, despite him and our case worker saying it wasn't needed or wouldn't be charged. Services all working at last - 49 days after original order.

😎 7th August - £200.05 bill received for £47.99 package with original £59.99 payment on 6th June seemingly absent.


I will be calling yet again tomorrow. Some 10+ hours of phonecalls in the last few months trying to sort this mess out.


Essentially -we ARE NOT paying for these engineer visits. The product is decent, the customer service and installation is appalling. We also have an £80 phone bill for data use as we both work from home on occasion, as stated to BT right at the start.

Suddenly our former Virgin media services are looking good. 0.03MBps - 30MBps average on and off internet when paying for a proclaimed 108MBps area average.

Any assistance would be great. Posting here as calls / broken webchats haven't been particularly great on most occasions. I shouldn't have to use so much time and stress on this - life is busy enough thanks! New baby on the way, new promotion incomming (hence needing decent home office setup / broadband). 

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Re: Horrendous long / broken install and a huge bill for engineer visits not needed

Virgin Media cannot refuse a number migration request under OFCOM rules. I'd chase thewm for compensation as the refusal has caused the problems.

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