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House Move - Email stating being cut off when explicitly told this would not happen

Why is BT incapable of organising a simple house move?


  • 12/11 – Called up for advice regarding house move from old house with FTTC to new house with FTTC 

  • 17/11 – Arranged/confirmed house move where internet will be switched over 6/12-7/12

  • 4/12 – Email stating order arranged on the 17th could not be completed due to line being used by previous house owners, which will become available on the 7th (presumably why original order was set to switch on the 7/12).

  • 4/12 – Further conversation stating they will cut us off on the 6th and not reinstate, at the earliest, 20th. And that the only way to stop us being cut off on the 6th is to cancel order. So order cancelled. Complaint raised.

  • 5/12 – Called home move team to explain how this was disorganised. New date arrange for switch over on the 13th, just before we have to hand back keys on rented house. Literally heard BT rep reading out the options to switch on the 13th and confirmed that we would NOT be cut off.

  • 5/12 – Several house later, email confirmation stating we will be cut off on the 6th.

I have a work deadline this week and I need a working fast connection. I'm not an employee, this affects my livelihood and I cant understand this idiotic obsession with cutting us off well before the move date leaving us with no acceptable service!

Any help to navigate this swamp of despair much appreciated. 

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