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House moving

Hi all, currently I have bt infinity package with minimum contract length expiring at 15th of Nov


I am moving to a new house around 25 of Sep, and trying to understand what would be the best way to deal with it.


In new house there is a Virgin media broadband/phone, does that mean that if I choose to use Bt's moving home feature I'll be charged 130£ for a new line installation?


Bt's terms and conditions states that


 If you've signed up for a calls and broadband package, or if you have a calls,
broadband and TV package, there is no connection charge.


It doesn't speak about transfers, in case 130£ is indeed charged, would it be more convenient to let original contract expire (by giving notice) and get a new contract on new property?


Also, speaking about cancellations:


I took my contract on 15th Nov 2016, so my minimal term would be 15th Nov 2017. If I want to cancel the service, there is 30 days of notice, If I give it on 15th Oct 2017, would I be charged an early disconnection fee?


Thanks in advance. 


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Re: House moving

Welcome to this user forum.


Virgin do not use the BT or Openreach network, so you will be billed cancellation charges and a broadband cease charge if you move to Virgin Media.


If you are proposing to move your BT service, then an installation charge would apply, but it may not be for the full amount if you agree to re-contract all of your services.


This link explains the cancellation notice period in more detail. 


Discuss it with the home movers team.


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Re: House moving

Thanks for that link. Although it doesn't specify what happens if I am still under contract. 




I have minimum contract which expires on 15th of Nov. 


If 1 month earlier (or more just in case), I tell that I want to stop my service right after that date, will I be charged anything extra (beside 31£ of cessation fee)? (since my notice was in the middle of my minimum term). 




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Re: House moving

You would be charged the full price for the BT supplied home hub, and any BT Vision equipment if you cancel before your contract ends, so its best to make sure that you cancel after the end of contract day as you have said.


Its worth checking that you contract actually ends on that date, just in case you had asked for a new home hub, as that renews the contract for another 12 months.


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