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How can I get a paper Direct Debit mandate?

I want to set up a Direct Debit from a bank account which requires two signatures. My BT ID has two BT accounts.

If from the "Your bills" page (with the correct  BT account) I select "Set up a Direct Debit" I'm taken to "How you pay your bill" but the BT account has been changed to the other one and cannot be changed back.

If from the "Your bills" page I select "Change how you pay your bill" and then "Set up a Direct Debit" on that page I am taken to "Payment method". Selecting "Need more than one signature?" causes it to say "We will send your Direct Debit paper mandate to the following address..." There are then three links to select:

  • Change billing address
  • Print - which prints the page rather than the mandate
  • Back to My BT - which leaves the page

There is no way to say "Yes, that address is correct, please send it."

I have previously tried this several weeks ago and just going to that page has not caused a mandate to be sent.

I even asked for one on the phone several times without success. That was before the lockdown and it doesn't seem urgent enough to merit a phone call now.

As instructed on the bill, I've tried a while ago (that was unsuccessful) and again today, which turned out to now be following links there lead me to which points back to !

Incidentally, is there anyway of reporting a fault with the website?

I would be grateful i anyone can help with this.




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Re: How can I get a paper Direct Debit mandate?

I forgot to mention that I've looked at the "Payment method" page with two different web browsers, FireFox and Chrome, just in case my browser was missing a link somehow.
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