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How do I cancel?

 I have FTTP and have just come out of my 18 month discount period. I can see better deals for new customers than I am now on which is annoying. So I would like to terminate my contract ..... but of course the chat is always too busy to answer me and the phone line is the same. It's almost as if BT are making it hard to terminate .....

Does anyone know how I can end this contract?

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Which ISPs can use the Openreach FTTP?

I posted a question just now to ask how I can terminate my Fibre Broadband with BT now I am at the end of the fixed contract and they have upped the charge above that of a new customer.

Here's another question that is probably ridiculously simple, so I apologise for being ignorant about these matters ....

I was looking to see who I should switch to. There are plenty of cheaper deals but when I try to sign up the ISP (like TalkTalk, Sky, EE etc) says that they cannot supply Fibre Broadband. But I know that I have Fibre installed to my premises - or at least it is called FTTP so I thought that meant it is installed. Am I tied to use only BT or can other ISPs use the same Openreach fibre that I have got installed?

Many thanks

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Re: Which ISPs can use the Openreach FTTP?

FTTP is open to any ISP just many elect not to supply that package

did you phone 08005874787 and see if you can get a better deal for renewal

if you want to cancel phone 151 you cannot cancel online

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