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How do I contact Libby Barr?

Libby Barr has decided to start messaging me recently regarding reaching the limit on my broadband usage.  This is an automated email with no reply possible and no contact details for the writer (how rude!)  I would like to contact Libby in order to suggest that she stops sending me these emails which  are obviously written to push sales onto the less intelligent customers (it is not a sales tactic I would be proud of).  Unfortunately I am currently stuck with having to receive them as I can hardly set my internet provider to 'junk' just in case they need to send me something which is actually relevant to my account!!!  Does anyone know how I can contact Libby Barr directly as the customer care team have checked out my allowance but cannot stop her from sending these mails to me?



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Re: How do I contact Libby Barr?

Hi CherylLott,


These emails are just warning you that you are reaching your usage allowance and that you may be charged for additional usage if you go over.


Here's the Usage Allowance Policy:,402,424


Here's some info on how you are informed if you are reaching a certain level or if you have gone over your broadband usage allowance:


To keep track of your Broadband usage go to


You can try contacting the BT Retail billing team by clicking here.


I'm afraid it's against the Forums's T&C to give out BTplc Board members and BT Retail Executive and employee contact details -

jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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