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How do I downgrade by broadband package?

We have FTTC and a 'superfast fibre halo 1' package or whatever it'll be called by the time anyone reads this.

Our contract expires soon, we don't want to take out another contract, don't want to have another awful BT hub (especially as they now expect us to return the thing if we leave), and don't want to pay more or upgrade our package. In fact, we'd like to download our package. We've waded through all the marketing hype on our BT account page offering special deals that cost more for exactly the same level of service, but can't find any link to change our package.

I expect I might be missing something here. Can someone tell me how to downgrade our package, or is 'superfast fibre halo 1' the cheapest package now? I would need to be able to do this online, as I'm unable to use the telephone for medical reasons.


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