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Re: How much is new installation with bt infinity 2?

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I'm really confused at the installation process to be honest if at the moment i only have a landline would i need the fibre cables all the way to the how or because there is a cabinet on my street is it like a wifi connection?  Sorry for the daft questions.

For a FTTC connection, the fibre cables will already have been provided to the cabinet in the street. There are usually a couple of them close together. The one with the grill is typically the fibre cabinet.

When you have a fibre connection, like infinity, the existing wires from your property - either underground, via a pole - go the green cabiniet. Then your wires are then effectively "routed" through the fibre cabinet by an engineer.

So there is nothing to do at your property, just the engineer at the cabinet. (Hence there will be a short downtime).

Wifi is not involved with this process.

FTTP is a different story, and as been mentioned is fibre all the way to your property. It's a different beast, and quite expensive. I'm not even sure it's a "usual" order.

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