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How to get an amended bill ???

My last bill from BT was a whopping £180 quid - so I contacted the sales team and a very helpful young lady sorted me out a much better deal for the same service. So I went away happy after being reassured that the bill would be amended to reflect the new contract .

The day before my DD was due to be taken I still had not seen an amended bill so I contacted the online chat and was assured by a very nice guy that the bill would be cancelled and a new one produced - Not to worry sir - we wont take the £180 quid    ---  I kept a hard copy of the chat!


So today they took the £180 --  I then spent 2 hours on the phone to various customer service agents only to be told we don't amend bills -  it will be sorted out on the next bill    - 3 months away.. As I was overcharged by some £90 Bt get to hang onto my money for 3 months - then apparently I can ring up and get a refund...  


Has anyone else had this problem with BT  .  i.e If your bill is wrong and you contact them they still take the money and wont amend the bill even though they admit the amount on the bill is incorrect


The final guy I spoke to even suggested I contact my bank and they would refund the money --  Well yes they will under the direct debit guarantee  ---  but that's not the point  .. If a BT bill is wrong and they admit it is wrong then they should amend it - not expect customers to wait until the next bill - or in my case the next two bills before they put it right. Smiley Frustrated

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