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How to get broadband on second line?



Can someone who has succesfully done this recently (i.e. after BT Sport offers came out) tell me how exactly to order a second line and add broadband and BT Sport to it?


I already have a line with BT but have a broadband contract with another provider and I do not want to go through the hassle of cancelling/transferring the existing broadband.  Additionally, since my main reason for ordering would be to get BT Sport, I would prefer to keep my BT Sport bandwidth separate and a second line seems a good idea (I don't want watching TV to slow down everything else in the house and the price at the moment seems great!).


The advertisements seem to indicate that if I order a new line with broadband and place the order online there is no installation charge, but nowhere on the web site can I find the option to order a second line.


I can go through various screens to add and configure things to add to my existing line but there is no direct option to order a second line anywhere in the process and presumably if I place the order over the phone I'll have to pay installation charges?  Am I missing an obvious screen somewhere or is BT only taking orders for additional lines over the phone and not on the website?



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Re: How to get broadband on second line?

try using the options team as you are an existing BT customer  they are uk based  0800800030

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