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Huge direct enquiry bills when not used

I noticed a few people on here have mentioned being billed for 118 calls when they havnt been made bt are completely denying this can happen i have been charged £160 for this problem and bt wouldnt even put me through to someone who could help me anybody have ideas on who to contact pleade
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Re: Huge direct enquiry bills when not used

I take it you pay  BT for your line rental and calls ( as you are posting on here).....first thing to do is check the number on your 'line' is the number on your bill, dial 17070, you should get a response along the lines of        ' this circuit is defined as 01***,******, confirm the number is your landline number, if it isn't , then your line may be crossed with someone else line and that's who made the disputed calls, if the number is correct, then the calls will have been made on that line, and if not by you, by someone with 'legal' access to your line, partner ,  children, house guest , etc, or someone illegally accessing your line, but you may find that your bill provider won't be convinced  by you just saying 'it wasn't me', after all ,  if that was all it took to get out of call charges,  no one would pay anything, just by saying , ' you cannot prove it was me that made the call'.

TBH why would someone make multiple calls to a directory service on your line  (even at the exorbitant rates they charge £160 is a lot of 118 calls, ) or did someone let the 118 company onward connecting the call at ridiculous per minute rates and stayed on the call for a long time, your bill should show ( I would think) the number of calls and the duration......your provider is passing on the costs the 118 provider charges them, so it's unlikely they will just right off the amount , because the 118 provider will expect to be paid 

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