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I have late payments caused on my credit report due to BT not closing down my Account.


Desperate for some help as i am being moved from pillar to post. 

We are just in the process of re-mortgaging a property and our FA has advised us that we have been turned down as we have some missed payment months on a BT Account. 

To go back through the history of this, we actually received a debt collection notice through the post at the back end of last year due to a BT sport account not being paid for. 

Of the back of this i contacted BT and advised that i had asked for the subscription to be cancelled and gave my notice (this was just at the start of the pandemic and i was looking to save money just in case) The person i spoke to acknowledged this but did offer to put me on a holiday which i declined as i no longer wanted the account.

Off the back of this i cancelled my DD and thought nothing of it until i received my arrears debt notice. When i contacted BT they acknowledged the mistake and wiped the debt from the account and apologised. 

However.... The missed payments are still on my credit report and the credit agencies are saying that BT need to ask for them to be removed but BT are saying the Credit agencies need to make the request. In order to satisfy both sides i have asked all credit agencies to do this and also BT but it is going nowhere and i now only have 2 weeks until my mortgage deal comes to an end. My FA is almost certain that removing these will give me a much better deal as i have fully clean report.

PLEASE PLEASE somebody help!

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Re: I have late payments caused on my credit report due to BT not closing down my Account.

You will need to raise a dispute, the credit file agency will contact BT who will investigate, more info at BT Credit Files explained 
Scroll down to :

How to query your credit file

Both agencies must response to a query within 28 days.


Contact Equifax:

  • Online - visit the Equifax website
  • By phone - call 0800 014 2955
  • By post - write to Equifax Ltd, Customer Service Centre, PO Box 10036, Leicester, LE3 4FS

Contact Experian:

  • Online - visit the Experian website at
  • By phone - calll 0344 481 8000
  • By post - write to Experian Headquarters Talbot House, Talbot Street, Nottingham, N80 1TH
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Re: I have late payments caused on my credit report due to BT not closing down my Account.

A query has been raised by both agencies, I really need BT to step in and help with this as it is adversely impacting my Mortgage application.

Many thanks.

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