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I need to register a complaint



I am (still) having an appalling customer experience trying to move house. I placed the move order on the 23rd of July, and still do not have broadband, having been on the phone 18 times to your order management team, sometimes for up to an hour.


The combination of failures, incompetence, poor service mechanisms and outright dishonesty by under-untrained, under-informed "customer support" call center employees desperate to move on to the next call has been staggering - and I say this as a 20-year-long customer of BT's!


I have been assured (for the fourth time) that my service will be live today. If this does not happen, I will be changing provider for the first time in two decades, but in either case I expect both a refund and compensation.


However - in keeping with the generally atrocious attitude to customers - I have discovered that BT publish no information whatsoever on how to place a complaint. Not wishing to spend another hour on the phone, I am posting here.


I look forward to your response.



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Re: I need to register a complaint

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.


They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are a UK based team of people, who take personal ownership of your problem.

Once you get a reply, make sure that you are logged into the forum, then click on their name, you will see a screen like this. Click on the link as shown below.
Please do not send them a personal message, as they cannot deal with service issues that way.

For your own security, do not post any personal details, on this forum. That includes any tracking number you are give.

They will respond either by phone or e-mail, when its your turn in the queue.
Please use the tracked e-mail, to reply, not via the forum. Thanks








This is the form you should see when you click on the link. If you do not see this form, then you have selected the wrong link.
When you submit the form, you will receive an enquiry number, so please keep a note of it





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Re: I need to register a complaint

Hi Leo2


I'm sorry about the problems with your home move order. If you need any help please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: I need to register a complaint

I have asked to be contacted directly as you specified. Although this has not happened, I want to post an update here since there has now been a series of further failures by BT and I want to document the experience so far as a warning to others...


23rd July

  • Placed "move house" order online for switchover on the 11th August


13th August

  • no phone or broadband at new address.
  • Online order tracking said there was a problem but a team was working on it.
  • Called customer services, navigated the labyrinthine meny system, spent 30mins on hold,
  • Got told the previous tenant's cease order wouldn't go through until the 7th September unless I could get them to accelerate that.
  • Contacted previous tenants (they were with Sky) and had them accelerate with Sky
  • Called customer services - they said they could see the cease order was now complete and would call me back by 8pm.
  • No call back ever happened


14th August

  • Spent 40 mins on the line with a customer services representative who had no idea what was going on and kept asking me if there was a "problem with my broadband".
  • Asked to speak to a supervisor
  • Supervisor said a new order had to be placed (but couldn't seem to explain why) - placed a new "expedited" order and said my phone would be live on the 19th and my broadband on the 20th


20th August

  • My phone is live, but still no broadband
  • Called customer services, navigated menu labyrinth, spent the mandatory half an hour on hold
  • The person I'm speaking to asks me to dial a special number on the BT phone to get it to tell me what phone number it thinks it is
  • Turns out the phone number it gives is different to the one on the order, hence the lack of broadband (apparently)
  • He places a new "expedited" order and assures me that activation will take place by midnight on the 21st


22nd August

  • Well, midnight came and went, but still no broadband
  • Called customer services, did the menu maze, spent half an hour on hold, got to an operator and then the telephony system dropped the call
  • Called customer services again, did the menu maze again, spent half an hour on hold again
  • Am told that a "data integrity case" is in progress on my records, and that therefore my order has been cancelled (a fact that is apparently not worth contacting me about)
  • Ask to escalate to a Supervisor. Am told I have to wait for a call-back from supervisor.
  • Asupervisor calls back and yet another new order is raised and "expedited" which I'm assured will mean I have broadband by "Tuesday 25th or Wednesday at the latest"
  • Am promised a call-back on Monday 24th between 10 and 11am to update on progress


24th August

  • 11am comes and goes - no call back.
  • Called customer services, did the menu maze - although only 5mins on hold, so y'know, look on the bright side!
  • Operator keeps repeating that everything is fine and my order is on track to go live on the 7th September! Lucky me!
  • I ask them to investigate why my "expedited" order is going to take another week. Spend 15mins on hold while they speak to OpenReach
  • Apparently OpenReach have "rejected the expedition" because you can't ask for an order to be expedited twice - and I already had my chance. So I have to wait until the 7th September.
  • I ask to speak to a supervisor. Supervisors all in meetings (they seem to do a lot of meetings for call center floor supervisors) and I am now waiting for the supervisor to call be back - he has 20mins of his alleged window left to do that.


So overall:


  • No ownership of the problem from BT
  • Appalling customer service practices from the call center, who appear to be (a) powerless and (b) mostly motivated to keep the calls as short as possible
  • No resolution for the issue
  • Looks like it's going to take a minimum of 6 weeks to supply broadband to a recently built block of flats near central London - assuming no further obstacles
  • Moving to another supplier is unlikely to help as the root cause seems to be in OpenReach (who we - as mere customers - are not allowed to interact with) - but I'm sure as hell gong to look into it.


I've been with BT for over 20 years, but this is the single most atrocious customer experience I have ever had with any provider of anything.

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Re: I need to register a complaint

You should get a reply from one of the moderators when your request gets to the top of the queue.

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Re: I need to register a complaint

I'm having exactly the same totally frustrating problems! Any Ombudsmen on the forums???
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Re: I need to register a complaint

There is some helpful material from GLanybala on this thread about how to go to the ombudsman:


There seem to be a lot of people on this forum having the same issues with provision of Infinity especially when moving home.


I am thinking about starting a thread to gather these experiences together.


This would enable us to figure out whether it's a systemic problem or not (the issue with these forums is that you only hear from people who have had bad experiences, so it's hard to guage whether we are a tiny minority or the norm).


If it turn out there is a significant enough number of us, we can build a petition and then deliver that to BT - this sort of thing can be used to attract media attention.



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Re: I need to register a complaint

you have been offered help by the forum mod team i would recommend you take their help with this problem
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Re: I need to register a complaint

I used took up the help from the Mod's.


Received an email with an incident number, stating I would be contacted within 48 hours......... Well yeah, that was 5 days ago so don't hold your breath!!!

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Re: I need to register a complaint

The forum mods normally reply at the monent due to a higher than  normal number of referals in  3/5 working days this exclueds weekends after you have contacted them via their contact form
They will contact you personally by email or phone.

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