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In all my past dealings with BT this has to be the worst

Typical. Just spent 20 minutes writing and the page refreshes losing everything so this is an abridged version
I have many clients over the years with issues regarding BTs service but this has to be the worst case ever.
My client Peter and his wife who has been a customer of BT all their life and are now in their late 70s. Both are very ill, Peter undergoing chemo and also has mild dementia. Peter looks after his wife as best as he can and sometimes gets confused and frustrated.
He recently tried to cancel his contract with BT after they pushed BT Halo 3 onto him with promises of 150MB speed and wifi in every room.
He is a light user, just emails and no media streaming. Living in a small house they don't need the latest router to push the wifi.
They were on £35 a month and BT then tied themup to a 2 year contract for £55 a month. Between chemo and looking after his wife he didn't reaslise what BT were doing. I tried to help and suggested Plusnet where you can get 60mb speed and phone all for £30 a month. I phoned BT last week and the lady did not mention once about a possible payment because of leaving the contract having renewed inadvertently just weeks before) He didn't realise that in March he had signed up for another 2 year contract and BT want £540 payment for him to be released from this contract. I spoke to BT myself on his behalf pleading for clemency and they were adamant this payment stands despite being aware of his illness and not remembering to sign any contract ( He was given a date in which to cancel and didn't).
They did say they would cancel the Halo and add him to a standard package but the charge is still £43 a month (incl the £7 for calls) £14 more than Plusnet and being a pensioner every penny counts.

Am I the only one who thinks BT don't care about their customers? I understand BT are giants in the communications industry but that doesn't mean that goes hand in hand with a lack of empathy especially for long standing customers.

BT wake up and have a heart.

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