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Incorrect Extra Charge on Bill?

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I have just changed from ADSL to Fibre broadband, and have received my first bill since my Infinity 2 went live.(which is awesome btw, rock solid 80Meg sync and 70+ speedtests!)  


I have an extra charge on my bill which I do not understand.


My new package started on the 18th December, but the fibre broadband was not installed until 30th Jan after some delays.  My old service continued to run for this time and I paid my old bills as normal in Dec and Jan.


Now on my Feb Bill, there is an adjustment for the period 18th Dec to 2Feb, where my 'Broadband and Calls" for that period is refunded, and charged back at the new increased rate for my Infinity 2 service, from the 18th dec.


Ie, I am paying the full infinity 2 Rate for the period from when my order was placed, even though it was not working until 30th January, and there is no special offer discount applied either until after the 30th January! It comes to an extra £18.84


This is in addition to my £29.99 activation fee which is also on this bill.


I cannot see any way this can be correct?  


Cut/Paste of the relevant section of the bill below:

Changes since your last bill
 Package – 01XXXXXXXXX
 Broadband and Calls	
18 Dec - 2 Feb 18
This is a refund of the price of your Package which you paid in advance up 
to 2 Feb 2018


Broadband and Calls
18 Dec - 2 Feb 18
Hide Details
This is made up of:
Broadband and Calls £85.65
This is the cost of your Package up to 2 Feb 2018 at £56.49 a month.
 Credit Special offer discount -£1.81
30 Jan - 2 Feb 18
You get your Package at a special rate. We show this on your bill by giving
you a refund of £14.00 a month



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Re: Incorrect Extra Charge on Bill?

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Hi @_i Sorry that the charges on your current bill are not correct.


It looks like some of the billing lines completed before you were actually moved over to Infinity. Good to hear you are happy with the Infinity. We will be happy to help fix the billing for you if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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Re: Incorrect Extra Charge on Bill?

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Thanks for the prompt response, I have completed the contact the mods form
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