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Is BT really living up to expectations . The phrase all that glitters aint gold is true .

I was transferred to a new role from Coventry to kings Lynn. 2 weeks to the time of transfer I called BT indicating interest to their services . it has been weeks of agony since then
6th August -my broadband hub was sent to a wrong address
I could not go live as on the day I am suppose to so it delayed . I finally got a new hub
my internet worked only for 4 or 5 days and stopped
I came back from work so tired and rang BT. I am not joking it took 2hrs to pick my call with no apology
I reported my fault on 14th August .
it took days to get an engineer to come . Different messages from different people whenever I call .
finally someone booked an engineer to visit my home . I took permission from work and couldn't make money on the engineers appointment day . In the morning of 20th August , I called on the phone to know where the engineer is . A rude customer care representative picked and said all I need to do was to sit down at home and wait for him . I was angry and accepted my fate . I waited all day . No engineer came .
tried ringing back. hours spent calling . someone will pick and line cuts off . no call back
one day someone managed to send another engineer on 27th of august . A gain another day lost from work . He attended and said problem could be a soft ware issue .
I rang BT and they said it is not , it is problem outside the house .
I got tired and said fine . Break the 1 month marriage as I am tired . A rude worker on phone said I cant leave now else I will pay 589 pounds for breaching the contract .
I patiently waited for 30 days to elapse from the day I reported the fault so I can leave without paying 589 quid

all I keep getting is false update . your service is back . I will happily go to test it and its not working .They will apologise that someone will ring me . like a manager to explain things to me .

that phone call never came . 30 days passed and I happily cancelled my contract .
next day a call back came from what looks like a manager. They are still promising me to wait till 18th September .
I have spent almost 100 pounds to keep doing add on to my phone internet so I can hotspot and read for my exams . instead of enjoying a service I paid for

yea...…. that is how useless BT is

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Re: Is BT really living up to expectations . The phrase all that glitters aint gold is true .

Hi @uche, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, that level of service is unacceptable and I'm so sorry for your recent experience after joining BT. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team if you need any help getting this sorted.

Community ModeratorNeilO
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