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Re: Is the outstanding balance a true reflection of the account?

I was told that someone would be in contact with me within 24 hours. that was 48 hours ago.


I was told that the Direct Debit had been re-presented on the 15th, and would be taken within 5 days. the bill is still unpaid with nothing being debited from my bank, yet also has shown as being paid today since yesterday 21st Oct.


I was told that this is an error with my bank.


The BT account still shows as £0.00 outstanding.


Question: If I make a direct payment now, will I still be charged again as per the opening post?


Question: Are there any rules governing online statement validity?


Question: Is there anyone I can contact over this that can access the full facts and give me a straight answer?


Question: Must I ditch online billing go back to paper billing with a penalty?


Question: Must I spend another day waiting for contact that may never come, for a bill that may or may not be taken on the day it says it has?


The time, expense, and grief this is causing simply isn't worth the benefits of the package. I don't want to leave, but feel like I no longer have a choice. All that I'm asking is that the payments are taken when they say they will be taken, and that if they say they are taken, they have in fact been taken. It's that simple.


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Re: Is the outstanding balance a true reflection of the account?



The Billing history did show a payment date of the 22nd from the 21st until today 24th, but has now been removed.

The money still hasn't been taken from my bank account.

I still haven't received the promised contact from CS.

I also sent a message to the moderators as suggested earlier in this topic informing them that the issue was still unresolved, but I've had no reply.


I am stuck with a pending transaction that I have no idea of its status. I intended to change the bank account from which the bill is paid, but this situation is blocking it. I cannot make another direct payment in confidence that the Direct Debit will not still be presented like the initial problem in the OP. I've already been charged for the rejected DD once and can't afford to get stung again.


I simply cannot understand why there isn't anyone at BT that is remotely bothered about someone who actually wants to pay the bill. Is this such a strange situation?


Edit to add: The regular payments screen no longer shows the incorrect £0.00 outstanding, and now correctly shows the amount I beleive to be correct. This would indicate that changes are being made, but I would appreciate soime kind of contact too.

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