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Is there anyone in the UK Customer Support I can speak to?

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I have just got off the chat line and then phone call from India and I am perplexed and frustrated to the point where I want to leave BT after many years as a loyal customer.


My dilemma is this:- About six months ago I (stupidly) upgraded to Infinity based on an offer letter from BT/MD at no extra cost. Immediately before this I used BT Total BB including Line Rental and Anytime calls at a discounted rate of £29 pm and very rarely went into debit.  Soon after changing over my monthly plan started to rise and in addition to this I had to pay a one-off payment of £55 to clear a debit to which, to this day, I cannot understand and get an answer to from BT. My DD is now £41.50 pm for Infinity1, Line Rental and Anytime calls and I have been reminded that my payments will need to increase to avoid sliding further into debit.  My last bill, after all charges and payments showed I was £29.12 in debit.


After speaking to the BT person in India he said my account was £53.88 in CREDIT, which it is after my payments, less the previous debit, but does not include charges to be added.  He could not understand this and even offered to REDUCE my monthly payments to £33.50 pm. I declined his offer outright and asked him to retain my current payments. I knew I was on to a loser and closed the conversation as I was getting very annoyed with this peron in particular and BT in general.  My current account consists of Infinity1 at a discounted price of £17pm, Line Rental £15.45pm and Anytime calls at £5.15pm totalling £37.60 and I am paying £41.50pm.  We are a low user of the phone and hardly make any chargeable calls which is all the more puzzling.


So, in closing, is there anyone from BT in the UK that can help me through this problem and explain to me in plain english on why, since changing to Infinity, my account is nearly alway's in Debit.


Thank You Community in advance for your help and understanding in this matter.


PS: Is there any way I can revert back to BT Total Broadband or is it only one way traffic.


Thanks agai.




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Re: Is there anyone in the UK Customer Support I can speak to?

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A moderator should be along shortly.

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Re: Is there anyone in the UK Customer Support I can speak to?

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Hi Iansally,


I can take at the billing of your account. Please can you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" section of my profile?





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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