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Just had a call from someone claiming to BT

Hi I just revieved a call from someone claiming to be from BT trying to sell me BT. I do not think it was bt though as I already have the top package with bt. 


I said I am already with BT I hope the cannot get any information from this. I do get paranoid about these things I did not give any personal information but they new my name and I just said I am already a BT customer and she said ok thank you and put the phone down.


Just letting you know so you can be careful if you get a call. I would post the telephone number but I am not sure if thats allowed

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Re: Just had a call from someone claiming to BT

Look under the thread-mis selling of BT BB. I replied that a US company with branches here is doing high pressure sales calls to customers. You are lucky you got a number nearly all their numbers are unobtainable or come up not known. THese people not only know your number but in the US they have their medical records and other info because the government there work with them . Many very unhappy ex vets.!

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Re: Just had a call from someone claiming to BT

Just remember they have access to the electoral roll. So if you are on that (as you should be 🙂 ) they can guess that you are also with BT. I had a call from someone willing to help me with misselling of PPI (payment protection insurance).


They said I had taken a loan with Lloyds in 2005 -- 'oh you probably don't remember...'


Damned right I don't remember -- I've NEVER had a loan from Lloyds. They are often just trying it on. Worry not. Tell them to P*** off and put the phone down.


[BTW, when you put the phone down WAIT 2 mins -- or use your mobile, if they ask you to ring to confirm their call. There are technical issues with phones that mean if they don't hang up the line stays open for a default of two minutes. Just be aware...]

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