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Lack of service. Asked for refund, BT said yes. Now they say no, because "I didn't complain enough"

I ordered BT TV on 27th of May 2017 in order to compare it to Sky TV as the price seemed competative and BT provided my internet anyhow. Depending on the result I would drop either one.

Turns out that my BT TV packages were never quite right. My optional AMC channel never seemed to show up and channels would frequently fail with a delay and then a generic error. Swapping from low resolution to HD versions of the same channels often fixed it for a short time, so it wasn't related to bandwidth issues.
This issue was intermittent between channels but consistent with the device, daily, to the point that I simply carried on using Sky TV instead. Occassionally I would try to see if my box was working yet, no, it was not. In the end nothing but the standard terrestrial channels worked. Despite being directly wired into my BT home hub, my YouView device showed no subscription channels.

Key to this story is that I'm a contractor who is often away for months at a time and when I am home, I could always rely on Sky TV to work. The BT TV YouView box is not in my main living room so I rarely even tried to use it and certainly did not want to talk to BTs foreign, non-technical, support for hours at a time, telling me to reset to f****** factory defaults. 

First Complaint
Within days of receiving my YouView box, early April 2017
BT Have no record of this apparently, something interesting you'll note if your read further.

As many of you would, as its promoted as the primary port of call, advertised largely on the BT website, I chose to report the issue using the online chat service. These friendly but non-technical, flowchart following, automatons in India told me to complete the standard factory reset and retune, something I'd done myself a couple of times already. Then they tell me that it could be due to timing and that I should wait a little longer for things to sort themselves out. So, I went back to using my Sky TV instead and basically forgot about my YouView box as I had an alternative, Sky TV.

Second Complaint
13th September 2017

This time I call up BT and get much the same story from the flowchart following first line support guys. Reset your box to factory default settings and it'll work just fine. Nope, it doesn't same old issue.
I have work and when I'm home I simply use Sky TV, it works and I forget about YouView.  

Third Complaint
26th May 2018

I tried to reset the device again, no luck. Called support and went through the same old motions, now very familiar. Reset the device, "oh, it doesn't work?" they say. "Then it must be the device, we'll send you a new one". 

It arrives, same error continues. I contact their online chat to tell them, but I get nowhere, they literally close chat on me and I foolishly failed to keep a record of this. I wouldn't make the same mistake next time, but for now I went back to watching Sky TV when I'm home.

Fourth Complaint 
24th November 2018

I decided to try and use my YouView box again, this time no subscription channels. I contact the online support, text chat. Again I'm told to reset to factory defaults and even try to get into fancy maintenance mode (ooh), it doesn't help. They escalate me through, and I'm not kiding 5-6 people, all asking me to prove who I am each time. They finally agree that this is a fault wth my YouView box (again). This time I demand a full refund for my TV streaming services. After all, I've been paying for HD BT TV for nearly 2 years and its never worked properly. They agree and luckily I thouht to copy the discussion and email it to myself just incase I need it.  From this text I quote: -

17:28 Me: as you can see from numerous complaints on my account
17:29 Anim...: I understand your concern and I feel the same as you are feeling at this moment Alex
17:29 Me: yes, not your fault, but I want a full refund for a service that I've not received
17:31 Anim...: Yes I assure you you will get Full Refund and will the address be the same for delivery?

Great! after 2 hours of being passed about and supposedly escalated to the top dog, who simply made me confirm my identity and then proceeded to copy and paste the very same text about resetting my device to factory defaults from the first guy I spoke with, I had a result! Yay! 

17:35 Me: how will my refund be made. credit on my account I assume?
17:36 Anim...: Yes after the fault get totally fixed

So, I wait for my new device to turn up and yes, it finally works! But when I get my latest bill, do I see my credit on account as promised? No I do not!

Fifth Complaint
17th December 2018

I call billing and I'm pleasantly surprised to speak to someone in the UK, my hopes raised that I can finally get this issue resolved and get credit on account as I was told to expect for all the trouble I've been through and lack of service all this time. Nope!

I'm told that BT do not log the records of the online support chats. (What!!!!) They do not beleive that I was ever offered a refund as they can't prove they said it. They only record the notes written down by the Indians "if they decide to write anything" in relation to any online conversation. They don't care that I've got a copy of the online chat. 

I'm also told that despite complaining about my lack of and intermittent and faulty service, since installation, that "I have not complained enough" for them to refund me. When I explained my situation regarding my work away from home and the fact that I had alternative means of watching the channels I like via Sky TV, I'm told "people would call up more often if they had an issue with their internet". I don't have an issue with my internet, I  have an issue with BT TV. I asked "Is there a maxium period between complaints in order to consider the issue continuous?" and I'm told "No, there is not". So, it would seem to me that you owe me a full refund for all BT TV services I've paid for but have not received.

FYI I did not call up every week for several reasons. Let me list them here for you BT: -

1) I'm a contractor and I'm away from home for weeks on end
2) I don't rely on BT TV as I also have Sky TV that offeres the same channels
3) Sky TV is in my main living room whereas the YouView box is not
4) The internet, which you provide me, has not been an issue
5) I am not required to use the service I'm paying for. If I don't use it for a time, yet its been malfunctioning each time I use it, any normal person would assume that its been knackerd all the time inbetween
6) Talking to your support team in India is like pulling fingernails, why would anyone put themselves through that every month so as to be considered as "having a continous issue"?

Please consider this your opportunity, in front of the BT community, to resolve the issue forthwith. Failure to do so will involve an escalation to Ofcom, who I'm sure don't require me to contact you once a week about this failure to supply the service I've been paying for. I'll also be following this up in the courts should I receive anything but a full refund.

Yours Sincerely,



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Re: Lack of service. Asked for refund, BT said yes. Now they say no, because "I didn't complain

Hi @geedon,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting.

Having read you post, I'm sorry if your BT TV service hasn't been working as expected. I'd be more than happy to take a look at the details of your complaint. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?



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