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Latest BT Complete WIFI pricing does not make sense. BT Whole Home WIFI is cheaper and you own it.

Has BT lost the plot?

When BT Complete WIFI was first announced and included in the BT Plus premium product it made the Plus product more compelling as it sought overcome a common issue in homes, good WIFI coverage.

However now BT Complete is sold as a £10 per month (plus VAT) extra on Superfast and £5 per month (plus VAT) extra on the BT Plus product. The T&Cs for Complete specifically state that they will remain the property of BT. If they are not returned then BT will charge £30 per disk.

Most homes suffer from poor WIFI due to the location of the router (often because for the best DSL broadband it needs to be as close to the incoming line).  The best solution for most homes is a decent commercial grade ceiling WIFI access point on the landing cabled back to the router. But the benefit of both the Whole Home and Complete WIFI products is that this can be accomplished wirelessly and by using a triangle of units physical WIFI barriers affecting the router signal can be circumvented (building materials, hot water tanks, plumbing etc).

For an average home a two point mesh system (such as BT Whole Home WIFI) will be sufficient particularly if the first disk is cabled and positioned at an optimum point. Such a solution retails at £150. At £10 per month plus Vat BT Complete is costs £216 for an 18 month contract. If you are paying £5 per month on BT Plus that is still £108 for a 18 month contract in addition to paying for extras you may not fully utilise. These charges continue ongoing unless you are willing to be charged the "fine" for keeping them if you choose to cease the service.

So the conclusion is simply that the BT Complete WIFI simply does not cost in even if you reach the maximum of 3 (creates a 4 point mesh if we include the new Smart Hub 2). A BT Whole Home 3 disk retails for £180. You can use the app to assist in positioning the disks but if you use more than a 3 disks then really you need a proper WIFI survey and a partially cabled solution.

Don't get me wrong I like the BT mesh system, the ease of setup and the ability to control it the WIFI via the app. However when BT is supposedly seeking to retain market share setting pricing that defies common sense is ludicrous. 

So how can anyone recommend BT Complete WIFI at the current pricing.

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Re: Latest BT Complete WIFI pricing does not make sense. BT Whole Home WIFI is cheaper and you own i

BT have priced these products as such knowing full well that plenty of customers will still purchase. I think that there has been a steady drift in recent years to people wanting to pay monthly, rather than buying outright, particularly with the younger generation. Those of us that compare prices and work out the cheapest option is also on the decline.

You only have to look at how Supermarkets price, they wouldn't do it if people were savvy enough to look and work it out, but generally speaking they aren't.

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