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Leaving BT-not getting anywhere with my complaint.

Hi all,


I switched to another provider today after multiple issues with BT. They misquoted me about a year ago, and I ended up paying a lot more than promised (never been over my allowance, so it's not due to my 'usage').


The final straw was a sales call to tell me I was out of contract and they can fix my price for the next year and offer me a similar deal. The similar deal turned out to be a 10GB monthly allowance, this is after they admitted I actually use around 22-25GB a month. And this is after I ended up paying £46.50 instead of a promised £33/month.


I instructed a new company and duly notified BT. They confimed I was out of contract and no concellation charges were applicable. So far so good. I checked a number of forums and found out about a possible £30 cessation fee. I contacted BT via emails (submitted a complaint to get their attention) and a 'Ms Bell' rang me back and advised I didn't need to pay it. Also, for some reason the new company will be taking over on 3.5.14 and since I've paid up to this date there shouldn't be any charges and a possible refund as I'm over £50 in credit. (yes, still not sure why I was charged £46.50 monthly!!!)


The new provider completed installation today (25.4.14) and surprise surprise, I immediately received 2 emails from BT to tell me:

1. i need to pay them £30

2. I need to return their 'kit', the TV box and the adaptors

3. the service is ending today, not on 3.5.14 as previously advised.


If I'm indeed out of contract why do I have to return it?

I promptly submitted another complaint and asked to confirm in writing whether I need to retirn their kit, when my contract ended and why their own 'Ms Bell' told me I didn't need to pay £30 and how they're going to resolve it.


The reply I received doesn't answer any of the issues raised and left me wondering if the advisor actually bothered to read my email before sending their email:


All I want to know is

how I ended up overpaying,

when my contract actually ended

why I was asked to return the box and adaptors if I was told I'm out of contract

why I was told I didn't need to pay £30.


I just feel upset by the whole treatment and experience. Every time I get hold of somebody they keep giving me contradictory information and I don't know where I stand with my account. I found it impossible to follow the complaint handling procedure.

Any advice or help will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Leaving BT-not getting anywhere with my complaint.

Once the Forum Mods have read your post they will post an invite here once you reply to them they will take personal ownership of the problem until resolved.
Do not send them a Personal Message as this is the incorrect contact method and cannot be properly tracked also the mod contacted may not be on shift for sometime and this will delay your help

The forum mods normally reply within 3/5 working days after you have contacted them
They will contact you personally by email or phonemod contact.JPG

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Re: Leaving BT-not getting anywhere with my complaint.

Hi Belarus,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.  I am really sorry to hear of the confusion around the billing from BT.  This is something that I can clear up.


If you are out of contract then you do not have to send BT back your equipment, so I am keen to understand why we have sent you this communication requesting you return the equipment.  The £30 cancellation charge you refer to is a change for completely ceasing your broadband service.  If however another provider has taken over your broadband service using the MAC that BT has provided then this charge should not apply.


I will be able to answer your questions with greater certainty once I take a look at your account.  Could you please drop me an email with your account details.  Click on my username (SeanD) and you will find the 'Mods contact link' under the about me section of my profile.




Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: Leaving BT-not getting anywhere with my complaint.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply.

I just sent you an email, hope you'll be able to resolve this for me once and for all.

Cheers. x

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Re: Leaving BT-not getting anywhere with my complaint.

The £30 cessation charge is described here.

Broadband Cease Charge


If you used a MAC code to change broadband supplier it shouldn't be charged.

If you didn't use a MAC code (e.g. they are not applicable if moving to Virgin cable) then it will be charged.

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