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Leaving BT


Last month I got a letter from BT stating that my broadband contract is ending and to log in to view my new broadband options. When I logged in the deals where higher than other providers so I decided to go with a different provider yesterday. I got a switchover date for 24th June and an email from BT stating that I am still within the terms of my contact and I will be charged £64. 

Nowhere can I find what date my contract runs out and by getting this letter I thought I was free to source a new broadband deal as the link the provided on the letter was prompting me to sign up to a new BT contract. 

Do I have any leg to stand on here?  if so which department should I contact?

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Leaving BT


BT were just giving you advanced warning if you were nearing the end of your contract, as they now have to do by law. It could still be a couple of months away.

You can check your contract dates this way.

Look at your past orders, and then select the one you want to look at, and there will be an option to display contract details.

You will have to login to MyBT first.

You must still be in a contract, so if you want to avoid paying the cancellation fees, you will have to cancel your order with your new provider, and stay with BT until your contract ends.


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Re: Leaving BT

Hello @nmcs606 and welcome to the Forum,

First, I think it's important for you to know what the gap is between your (current) switchover date and the end of your BT contract.

Check your historical BT Orders

Having logged in you should be able to find your latest Broadband order and the applicable contract end date.  From that you will know exactly what you are negotiating - either in terms of requesting BT waive the early termination penalty or potentially delaying your switchover.

BT may be contractually right to charge a penalty but you would doubtless argue that you acted in response to their letter and uncompetitive continuation deals (I imagine your argument will be stronger if the letter fails to specify the end of contract date).


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