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Lies, lies, lies and incompetence

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I switched my home broadband from BT on the 31st July (I have a letter from BT proving it) but still received bills. Despite 6 or 7 calls and wasting hours of mine and BT's time I am now receiving threats because I have not paid the last bill of £29.This is incredible as it is for a period I was not with BT but more astonishing is that I have bern promised a refund on the incorrect billing for August and part of September of £79 and that I would not receive any more bills. This has been promised twice. Maybe I should start threatening BT with legal action and in fact will ask my company solicitor if this is an option. The last call I asked them to open a complaint and have a reference number but have heard nothing in a week. I own my own company and have now cancelled my company contract worth several thousand pounds to BT. I would urge others to do the same due to the ineptitude of this company.
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Re: Lies, lies, lies and incompetence

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This is a customer to customer based community so in most cases it's best to raise these sorts of issues directly with BT as you have been doing.

In this instance, I would suggest using the online accounts and billing chat feature so that you can screenshot the conversation for your records.

Online chat - Billing & Charges


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