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Line Disconnected if Switching to Virgin Media

I currently have BT but can only get speeds of around 40mb. I am considering switching to Virgin Media due to this. If I do this but I then rejoin BT in the future would I need to pay for a new line? 

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Re: Line Disconnected if Switching to Virgin Media


Provided you do not remove your existing line, then there would normally be no charge for re-activation if you order broadband again. Make sure that VM install their own socket, and do not attempt to use your existing BT internal wiring.


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Re: Line Disconnected if Switching to Virgin Media

Hi @jonmc1980   my housing estate has Virgin Media local distribution cabinets. My Virgin Media Broadband (no phone) was installed as a dedicated fibre line and did not disconnect my BT telephone landline. The two services coexist without any problems. 

Broadband video conference calls to colleagues and family means BT landline calls were very few, so switched to BT Basic at £5.16 per month, thereby retaining ability to call emergency services during a power cut. It technically works well, but Virgin Media broadband is not competitive. 

PlusNet broadband landline was considered, but there is a software landline management fault that Openreach cannot solve, so my download speed is always less than the BT Broadband Availability Checker's handback download Mbps. 

Now swapping to BT Full Fibre, but Openreach ONT modem is powered by house mains, and not powered from exchange. Have declined BT digital phone services and retained BT landline phone services, thereby retaining ability to call emergency services during power cut to the house. Ombudsman has changed requirement for Openreach to power telephone from exchange, and it is now only a recommendation for ISP to power full fibre cable during mains power cut. 

Will see if switch to BT Full Fibre is a good choice during 24 month contract, but expect that more competitive broadband competition will entice me away at contract end, if not before. 

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Re: Line Disconnected if Switching to Virgin Media

Hi @jonmc1980  please look at BT Broadband ( to see the Downstream Handback Threshold (Mbps). This speed (Mbps) is the transition between having a good or bad broadband connection. You should not have a bad broadband connection speed. 

Please see if BTW Performance Tester ( additional diagnostic's Advance Test results says the IP Profile for your line is more than the Mbps of your ISP package.  Then compare with Download or Upload speed achieved during the test. If your IP Profile is not more than your ISP package speed, the landline has a fault and you will never get your correct speed. 

If Download speed achieved during the test is less than Downstream Handback Threshold (Mbps) you can request reduction in monthly charge, or request deadlock letter, or leave during contract without incurring any leaving fee, or ask ISP to get Openreach broadband engineer to find and fix slow speed fault.  

Hope that these two diagnostic applications reveal your landline speed problem, so that corrective action can be undertaken.  You may decide to keep your existing ISP if your download or upload speeds can be improved. 

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Re: Line Disconnected if Switching to Virgin Media

@Keith_Beddoe  VM always install their own socket. They do not and are not allowed to use existing BT internal wiring.

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Re: Line Disconnected if Switching to Virgin Media

@crimsom  What are you going to do when the copper line phone service is ceased? It is rolling out now and be finally ceased in 2025.

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