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Lost 5 pound discount

Before BT got their act together and offered flexible options during the lockdown for the sport package, I switched from big sport to big entertainment and was told I could easily switch back to same package and price when football started again. Having rung today I was told "nope". I can go back to big sport but will lose the 5 pound discount I was receiving. This was a discount in place when promoting the new packages and I signed up to this for 2 years.  So I was misled in the first place by the salesperson who switched me and also its seems a bit dodgy BT would benefiting in a way from the shutdown of football. If they had got their act together sooner like Sky I would have avoided this. Anyone else come across this? Is it right that if you switch your tv package midday through your contract you lose your 5 discount also even if on a contract?

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Re: Lost 5 pound discount

Looking at the terms and conditions it does say (point iii) that the standard price applies

If you have a Flexible BT TV service:

(i) you can change your TV package once a month throughout your minimum term.

(ii) any changes will take place from the date we tell you when you make the change. Until that date, you’ll continue to have access to the content for the period you’ve paid for. After that date, you’ll have access to the new content and will be charged at the new price agreed.

(iii) any changes to your TV package will be charged at the standard price as set out in our Tariff Guide.


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Re: Lost 5 pound discount

Thanks for the reply. Not shocked that it's in their terms, just a shame they misled me when I changed by saying I could go back to what it was pre lockdown. 

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