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Major Connection Woes

I've explained my situation many times over the phone since first placing my order back at the very beginning of April but feel like I'm not getting any appropriate answers, solutions, nor any compensation. So I'm here to reiterate my issues in hopes of getting answers and making progress.


I moved into a new build home on the 29th of January this year. It's a mid-terraced property and I knew upon moving in that there wouldn't be any phone or broadband available for around 4 weeks after my move-in date but that's okay because I can use a mobile broadband connection for that period. Around mid-February I chased the site manager for an update who revealed that they were awaiting a response from Openreach as the lines in the development had been set up but were awaiting connection by Openreach.


I had constantly checked the connection status and around the middle of March I had noticed that results for my postcode indicated 0 - 2 mbps potential. A couple of weeks later it then showed that fibre speeds of up to 67mbps were available. I had then placed an order for phone, broadband, and TV but the Fabulous Fortnight deal came around which was a much better deal for the same package. Under advice from the order team I cancelled my order and made another with the Fabulous Fortnight deal. This was around 4th of April.


The 19th of April passed and no engineer had come to visit as the order had suggested. Several calls later revealed that my order was stuck in pending. Eventually I got this resolved and the order pushed through about 4 weeks after I had placed it. The next date I was given for set-up was 19th of May. Not exactly ideal but I am a patient man so I waited. Needless to say that I was not connected and had to chase up BT for myself because they certainly hadn't attempted to contact me to inform me of why I had just wasted a day off work. I was then advised that I would receive a callback with an update after advisors had been in contact with Openreach. I believe that was on the 20th of May but the callback revealed no further progress except a further callback to be scheduled on the 25th of May. This further callback informed me that Openreach had been delayed and I'd be contacted again on the 22nd of August. A whole three months away! And that was simply for an update – not a connection.


On Friday the 27th of May neighbours moved into a house next to mine. I had informed them of my connection woes in order to prepare them for the trouble ahead. Much to my surprise they informed me earlier this week that they had a Sky broadband connection up and running. I got straight back on the phone to BT to find out why they were able to be connected but I could not. It took three evenings of calls to finally get through to Order Managment. It really felt like the advisor had no clue nor inclination to read into my situation because she simply called Openreach and spouted the same thing that I already knew and had told her beforehand; I'd be getting an update on the 22nd of August. So I asked to file a complaint and will be getting a call back on Monday the 13th.


On Friday the 10th of June another neighbour moved into the property on the other side of my house. He is a current BT customer and was told that he wouldn't be connected until October. Three houses, all in the same terrace, all new build, all in the same development. Why has one of the properties been connected up but not the other two? More importantly – why have I had to wait so long for a connection and clarification on the situation? Why has a house that was unoccupied and not actually sold until a few weeks ago been connected up before mine which was purchased and handed over at the end of January? Why is it going to take until August before I can even get an update?


If we go with the connection date for my newest neighbour of October that means I'll have been in this property for 8 to 9 months before having a landline let alone an internet connection. If we're optimistic and say that Openreach has everything connected by the 22nd of August then that's still 7 months without a connection (forgetting that my neighbours in the same terrace of houses have already been connected). That's completely unnacceptable in this day and age.


I get that this is a problem at Openreach but my avenue of connection and communication is via BT retail. I also understand that many other providers use Openreach's infrastructure so switching provider may be fruitless. But I'm so close to cancelling my order and switching provider simply because of the way this order has been handled. I've already paid nearly £300 for my order which is currently being held by BT when I have no service and none expected until late August at the earliest. There's so sign of any compensation. Added to the fact that the refund from my first order still hasn't been refunded (again, nearly £300, but that's another issue) and you might be able to begin to understand my frustration.


To top it all off my wife and 16 month old son are currently in America while we go through the visa process to get them over here. As mentioned, I currently use a mobile broadband connection and pay a silly amount for very limited bandwidth and a poor, unstable connection. This makes it tremendously difficult to video call with them and you're trying to tell me that I must go a further 3 to 5 months without a stable connection?!


Here is the dslchecker results:


Exchange INVERNESS MACDHUI is served by Cabinet 66

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Re: Major Connection Woes

See if mods who are BT employees can at least find out why the delay. They will post here

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Re: Major Connection Woes

@NickyA19 Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, I'm so sorry about the delay activating your line. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to chase this up with Openreach. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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