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Massive delay with new build line connection

I have been a BT customer for years with no issue but I recently moved into a new build aparment complex and for the past near 2 months have had absolutely no BT service of any kind in my flat.


My appointments with the engineers keep being pushed a week, weekly for the past 5 weeks with no end in sight. I will get messages saying they will call me on a date with no call coming. Callng customer service just says they've tried to call and left a message which is blatantly false as no one else has any issues calling me or leaving messages. BT customer service keeps trying to place the same order to investigate what the problem is but the order never gets placed because of some unknown error. 


Does anybody on this forum have any advice on how I should proceed from here? I've accrued significant bills purchasing extra bandwith for my mobile internet as I work from home and there isn't really any other option available for me.

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Re: Massive delay with new build line connection

New builds can be extremely problematical. You first need to ascertain from the developers if all the appropriate telecom infrastructure has been put in place by Openreach - if it hasn't then it is up to the developers to chase Openreach. This is a surprisingly common problem which you can't do much about apart from chasing the developers who then chase Openreach. This can take an alarmingly long time.


If the site infrastructure is in place it may be possible that the site isn't yet connected to the exchange or that the cabinet hasn't been provisioned- BT helpdesk probably won't necessarily have this info.


You may need the mods help as they can access a lot more info and link it together but you will need to know the state of play about your site beforehand.

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