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Massive issues swapping over

Hi all,

I was hoping to get some answers.


On the 26th August 2021 I put in an order for BT FTTP 500mb. This was accepted and due to go live on the 13th September 2021. I had recieved the router.


Come the 14th and I am still connected with my oldprovider. I have been with Sky FTTP since they introduced it starting on 150mb and then upgrading to 500mb. I have a ONT installed next to my router.

When I called up on the 14th I was told I was told I had no ONT in my house and this is why I am not connected. Yet when I applied to switch over the BT website told me I was set up for FTTP and it would be a simple swap. I had to tell BT on the 14th the serial number.

Looking for an update today I am now told my ONT serial number is invalied and its being looked into even though for the last 11 months the same ONT has worked with Sky perfectly.

It is now going to take a further 5 working days to sort.


Any ideas on this and is it a common issue?

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Re: Massive issues swapping over

There do occasionally seem to be issues when swapping from SKY. Happens more often than with other ISP's.

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Re: Massive issues swapping over

Just debating on staying with sky

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Re: Massive issues swapping over

There is a BT FTTP team , 0800 587 4787, have you tried this group, obviously if you have an authenticated ONT , that’s currently working with Sky as the provider , it should require much to move you to BT , but presumably it’s still a migration order ( gaining provider led ) so the status of your Sky account shouldn’t be a factor , but ( as with any migration ) the old provider has the ability to stop the migration ( supposedly only if you contact them to say it’s a mistake, but who knows if they do use that functionality for other reasons )

Have you completed a minimum term with Sky ( AFAIK , it’s only recently they even started to offer FTTP ) although , if you were still inside a minimum term , that in itself shouldn’t stop a migration , if you were prepared to pay ETC, you were not on some sort of Sky FTTP trial were you ?

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Re: Massive issues swapping over



Just spoke to them. It's with Openreach now so I have to wait until the 21st for a resolution. 


Not ideal tbh. But luckily the sky connection is still active so I am not without. 

I asked about the OTU as they said in a previous call that I didn't have one. And the women on the phone today said she can see on my system that I have one. So not sure why I was told otherwise.


All a big mess tbh. 

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