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Migrate BT Account

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I currently live in shared accommodation with parents, and have the BT account for Phone and Broadband in my name.

I am about to move out of the property, and will take the BT account with me to prevent early termination charges, and use the account in the new property. I will need to setup a new account for my parents to have phone and broadband, however they will need to keep their current phone number (I am moving to a new exchange area). 

How can I go about "seperating" the account to ensure that I can move the broadband and phone to the new property (with a new phone number) and setup a new account at the current address with the current phone number. 

All advice welcomed. 

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Re: Migrate BT Account

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You would be best to contact the Options Team 0800.800.030 to see what advice they can offer because it will be slightly complicated to have your parents retain the phone number.

Just food for thought, could you not just leave your current package/phone number etc at your parents address, albeit it will be in your name. This would negate a "Home Move" or early termination charges.

It will have the benefit of allowing you to get another package etc at your new address and you will be classed as a new customer at that address and be entitled to any of the "new" customer incentives.