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Mis Sold PPI, No Just BT Packages !!!


I gave up waiting for my sainsbury's £250 gift card after a year in 2016 

I applied for it multiple times  at  after i signed  up for BT infinity on 20/jan/2015 but like a lot of people i never got it,

i just had to accept the fact that like others had been pushed aside buy the big powerful corporation.

After my contract expired i contacted them again on the phone to ask where my voucher is and got no help all i got was an operator trying to sign me up for more deals  so i immediately switched to Vodafone who where half the price after putting the phone down.

About a year later i started to get random text messages from an unknown number claiming to be a debt collector service saying that i owed BT it looked like spam to me so i contacted BT and spent 1/2 hour with a operator who assured me 100% that my account was clear and the messages where indeed fraudulent and that i should ignore any future contact from BT or there representatives.

A year later i now have another debt collector  company after me for £65 for BT and they have put a mark on my credit report  and you still owe me my £250 gift card.

Whats the point of contacting you your staff are clearly not interested or informed unless they are selling us something.

How about all of us that are missing our welcome gifts get together and take you to court for mis selling and put the debt collectors on you, it didn't end to well for the PPI company's did it



The Insignificant One 😠


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Re: Mis Sold PPI, No Just BT Packages !!!

Hi @Bigdavelef Thanks for posting and welcome to the community forums, I'm really sorry that you have reason to complain. If you send over your details we'll be happy to find out whats happen with the debt collection contacts you have received.  I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team.

Community ModeratorNeilO
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