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Mis-advised? Can anyone help me?


Late October 2018 I was admitted to hospital with a chronic/life threatening disease.  Early 2019 I was advised not to return to the above address and look for somewhere more agreeable with my disabilities.  I therefore had the premises vacated. From this point I contacted BT online chat and by telephone. I was concerned about losing my  E-mail and landline number and asked about costs regarding cancellation. .  I was told that if I  cancelled my phone package it would cost approximately £450 to get reinstalled in a new property.  I was advised to carry on the payments until I moved.  I therefore continued payments.  However, my recovery has been very slow.  More recently as I wondered if I could cancel my Broadband and just keep paying the landline.  I thought this had happened but only my add-ons were removed.


I am now reasonably recovered to start looking for appropriate accommodation.  I will need to have emergency links to emergency services which is why the landline is so important.


I do not think I should have been paying for the Broadband – only landline but I am on my own and was incredibly ill – just relieved to know it was still there. 


I am unable to talk for long periods and because of Covid I am shielding in a Care Home locally but have been told I can leave anytime after end September.


I have no complaints about BT Services but my research shows me that I can get almost the same package for half the price I am paying and feel that  the advice given has been a total waste of time and money.


Any advice what to do would be appreciated.



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