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Miss-Sold BT Fibre Broadband

When I switched over from TalkTalk to BT on the BT website at the time it said I would receive a £100 giftcard which was a huge factor into switching over even though TalkTalk were offering a like for like package for less per month. 

I was advised at the time of ordering that I would have to wait a month before I would qualify for the giftcard. 

A couple of months go by and I still never received the giftcard so I decided to contact BT to see what the hold up was. I was then advised by the assistant called Jaya that in fact there was no giftcard linked to my account and because I never received an email confirmation I wouldnt qualify for getting it. The assistant then offerered me £50 credit to my account as compensation which I obviously refused because its not even close to what was offered at the time of the switch. 

My question is will I be able to cancel the contract without paying a charge since I was mis sold? I don't really want to stay with them now as I feel I have been conned and lied to.

Anyone advise? Thanks,


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Re: Miss-Sold BT Fibre Broadband

You could contact BT and ask them to listen to the sales call to confirm you were offered £100 gift card. 
if it was online offer was it on BT website or 3rd party website? 

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