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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

You are getting 13M, in excess of the 10M USO.

Your options are simple, take it or leave it.

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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

Your line is delivering 13Mb so it already satisfies the 10Mb or better ‘decent’ connection, so you have no ‘claim’ on that basis.

As far as recompense, what do you think is appropriate ? , ( alongside the right to be allowed to leave your ‘contract’ penalty free )  , £20 , £100 , £1000, £10,000….what exactly has been your ‘injury’ during this process, warranting any ‘extra’ compensation over the £20 ? , and once released from your ‘contract’ , given you don’t appear to have a workable alternative, would you happily take the same 13Mb service from another provider ( assuming they give the correct speed estimate ) , so exactly the same performance as what you have now but you would be ( somewhat strangely ) ‘happy’ that although they are not providing anything different at least they didn’t make claim about  the speed that you knew was likely to be false anyway .

Could you post the part of the email that  ‘guaranteed’ 26Mb .

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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

Your response comes across like being sold a speed that just isn't available isn't an issue. Its about bad practise to start with but then there's the following facts. 

1. On their minimum guarantee, I went and ordered sky stream thinking they knew something I can't see. I'll probably be able to get out of that contract after hours on the phone of my time thanks to bt sales who jusr wanted to close a deal. Sky want 24mbs minimum for sky stream and its useless as it stands. 

2. I am a gamer, at 13mbs I won't bother until FTTP is in given I've go a teenage daughter who is an Internet user. But I did purchase 2 new games, fifa and COD in anticipation of 26mbs. No refund available on digital purchases as these have an offline mode. I won't play them offline but it leaves me lumbered with games I won't play. 

3. Then there's wasted time from a qube engineer, then possibly an openreach engineer to tell me what I already know and what I alerted the salesperson to. Theses engineers will come at a cost of days off work for me as working from home, just isn't doable on the connection as it stands. Teams meetings etc.. just do not load correct, that's fine I don't care I cant work from home but it will mean time at home as BT follow their complaints process. 

I don't know what's fair, I'm asking what's the consensus thought? For my time and aggravation to go through the process, buying stuff in anticipation and the bad practise from an agent £20 just isn't enough. 

I would be relatively happy with 13mb if I can actually get that with any decent reliability.

I have attached though, my main issue. The 13mb I got last night is now less than 9 this morning (I tested from work on bt app. 

For those talking about starlink as "decent Internet" option. If you read ofcom, the decent Internet boils down to being less than £54 a month. Starlink starts at £75. 

I have attached my guarantee, well the email recently, asking if my Internet is alright showing the guarantee. 

I've also attached my speed test from app showing less than 9mbs this morning. 


Screenshot_20231114_083920_My BT.jpg


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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

Hmm, given that you were extremely dubious about the guaranteed speed in the first place, why did you go ahead and order those items without waiting to see what the reality would turn out to be?

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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options


For those talking about starlink as "decent Internet" option. If you read ofcom, the decent Internet boils down to being less than £54 a month. Starlink starts at £75.  

No, Ofcom state that if BT provide a service under the guarantee, it will not cost more that £54pm. But as I said, my interpretation is that now Starlink is universally available, virtually no one will qualify as being unable to receive a 10Mb minimum.

But it seems you're far more interested in pursuing the compensation route that actually getting a service, so I'll bow out.

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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

I doubt you will get anywhere with any compensation claim , apart from what’s  stated in the T&C’s , so ask to be released from your deal , or stick with it and make 4 claims of £20 per year , so basically an £80 discount on whatever price you agreed to pay, potentially £160 if a 24 month deal .

Its still the case that , if released from your contract, you would ( given your apparent lack of an alternative ) take the exact same service from another provider.

In my opinion , you  have no real complaint , if you were given an accurate speed estimate you would have still taken the service , yes it’s unfortunate that somehow inexplicably you were given an estimate that was not based in reality, ( which begs the question , how did this happen given the wholesale checker gives an accurate speed estimate , was the wrong address identified at the inception of the order ? ) as noted , you were sceptical of the speed guarantee , yet you apparently ( recklessly ) made purchases based on what you suspected was inaccurate information anyway .



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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options


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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

your stats show a 13mb connection so greater than the 10mb USO  the 10mb is connection speed not download speed 

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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

When I first got fibre broadband when I was still at my parents, upgrading from adsl, I had the same issue. 

The problem was due to openreach not completing an action at the cabinet. Has this been ruled out of you are just signing up to your first fibre connection? 

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Re: Miss Sold Speed - Options

My hub after shows 9mb and less. Like posted above, speed to hub was less than 9. If I reset later it may go back above 10 but doesnt always
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