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Missing Sainsbury's Voucher

So I made the switch from Sky to BT at the start of September when they had on an offer to receive a £125 Sainsbury's gift card. Unlike some on here I managed to register my claim and the voucher was sent out to me on 03/11/2015. As of yet I've not received it and so have contacted Vouchers Team by email to chase it up. They've supplied me with a tracking number but when I use it on the Royal Mail website it says "Status: Royal Mail Signed For™ items are only scanned when the item has been delivered. Depending on whether the item was sent 1st or 2nd class, this may be a few days after posting. Please try again later."

I've since replied to BT through the email I got and had the response that it's not really there problem and I need to chase it with Royal Mail, i've tried to do this with no sucsess as they have no way to trace where it is now, BT in turn have said that they have to wait for it to be returned to them.


So i'm now stuck with no real hope of getting the voucher as i'm guessing that it's lost in the post, so does anyone know anyone else I could try and contract to get it sorted please?

Thanks in advance.





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Re: Missing Sainsbury's Voucher

It is not your responsibility to chase it up with Royal Mail or to even care if it has been lost in the post.


The voucher only becomes your responsibility once you have received it. Until then it is BT's responsibility to either chase it up with Royal Mail or to re-issue you the voucher which you have never received. They do not need to wait to see i it ever gets returned. They could void it and re-issue one to you.


You should re-contact BT and report to them you have not received the voucher which means BT have not fulfilled their package deal with you. Do not be fobbed of with tracking numbers etc. That is just a nice thing to have to see if the voucher is progressing through the Royal Mail system but other than that it means nothing to you. You are not Royal Mail's customer BT is and it is up to them to sort this out.

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