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Money taken from bank after BT service ended

Has anyone else had the experience of finding that BT have been illicitly taking money from your bank account? Are you still being given the run-around trying to get it back? I would be interested to hear. Do read the story below, if you have time. Not even Roald Dahl would have had the imagination to write this one!

BT have been taking money from my bank account for a broadband service that has been ended and the account closed. On discovering this, I asked for my money back. This unleashed a display of incompetence and disorganisation in BT that is simply astonishing and has lead to me receiving repeated acknowledgements of the error followed by demands for £1000, and now complaints to the BT Complaints Department ABOUT the BT Complaints Department, and now the Ombudsman.

I would be interested to hear if mine is a horrendous experience concocted specially for me, or if others have experienced such utter disorganisation.

It appears we are heading to Brexit to “make Britain Great Again”. With companies like BRITISH Telecom! Who’s kidding who?

In June 2015 I upgraded my internet connection from copper to the Infinity fibre optic connection. They closed the old business account and opened a new domestic account, which we started paying for. The phone line and number stayed the same.

In April 2016 we discovered that since October 2015 they had started taking money via direct debit for the broadband account that had been closed. Yes, we should have shut down the direct debit, but you don’t expect this sort of thing!
By the time we realised this and disabled the direct debit, BT had taken £288 that they shouldn’t have done. Well, these things can happen, so I phoned a nice lady in Billing, who agreed BT had made a mistake and would refund our money.

Simple? Error sorted? Not on your life. Since the start of April 2016 we have:

> Received a string of telephone and emails assurances telling us they accept their error, will refund and that the account is closed.

> Then a few days later received demands for payment on the closed account, of varying amounts up to £957.09, with threats to pass this to a debt collection agency .

> Credit notes [for the wrong amount] to the account that is closed!

> Eventually (on instruction from a nice Irish lady in BT support), I claimed the money back from my bank on the direct debit guarantee. She sent me a nice not telling me this. Problem solved? Ahh. You’ve got it. A few days later a payment demand arrived from BT!

> Crazy phone calls from BT overseas offices (that would beat the Two Ronnies four candles sketch) from people who are inadequately trained and whose accents are so strong they can not be understood. (It is shameful of BT to put what are undoubtedly intelligent & educated people in their overseas offices through the humiliation of dealing with unhappy customers, when they have not been given adequate training and do not have the requisite language skills). Could this be intentional BT policy to make unhappy customers give up and commit suicide?

> This fiasco has taken many hours of my and others time, at considerable cost to my business. I expect compensation.

> Eventually I went to the BT Complaint Review Service. Hopeful? No way! They agreed my complaint was valid, then a few days later….. Yes. You’ve got the idea now!

> I am about to write to the BT Complaint Review Service to complain about the BT Complaint Review Service. (What do you think my chances are?)

> I am about to write to the Ombudsman. I hear that they are inundated. Could this be true? Surely not.

Mix-ups do happen. If there is a valid reason why the money has been taken, no one has told me clearly why. If the money should not have been taken, as BT have stated on several occasions, then BT should resolve this craziness now.

Has anyone else out there had such fun? (Gosh, this hasn't solved the problem, but I do feel much better for my rant)


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Money taken from bank after BT service ended

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Money taken from bank after BT service ended

Hi Derek987,


Thank you for posting. I am sorry to read about problems you have had in getting your complaint resolved. I would like to take a look at what is happening with your complaint.


Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?




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