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More Atrocious Customer Service, I'm Going to the Ombudsman as I'm getting nowhere


i have had the same experience of appalling customer service. 


I lost access to my work VPN due to a problem at the BT end. This was the issue (which fortunately has now been resolved):


However in reporting the problem at the time and trying to get it resolved, it was nothing short of abysmal. I had countless conversations with a succession of call centre employees who were trying to manfully understand the issue but as it was not a simple issue and connected to any script, I just went round and round in circles for about two days. Each time I was told it was not a BT problem but a problem with my employer's IT which clearly was not the case. 


I was then informed i could speak to someone more qualified but would need to pay an additional 10 pounds per month on top of my monthly subscription payment. Given I had not been able to work from home for two days I took this. The Tech Team I then spoke to simply reiterated that it was not a BT issue - I am now locked in a contract for this support for I think 6 months. When I finally say this forum and the above thread showing BT were at fault re the issue and were now looking to resolve it, I tried to cancel the Tech Support contract I had naively entered into but was told I must honour the initial period. 


to be honest, I am not completely surprised by that response and it just seems to perfectly ilustrate the very poor customer service on offer. I am off elsewhere when my contract requirements are fulfilled. 

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